By creating digital competitive-advantage scenarios regardless of size, complexity, geography or market.

We are a team of Digital minded experts with more than 20 years experience in building digital ecosystems for all size companies. With a strong corporate and start-Ups digital initiative background, we are equipped not only from the industry best practices, an experienced team members coming from companies like Google, Microsoft, Gartner, native entrepreneurs, etc, but also with a strong academic background in developing digital marketing analyst.


Whether you are new to the digital world or experienced professional in need for new digital enhancements!

We are the best ally for your business success, from creating new revenue channels, maximizing your business opportunities, optimizing your business operations to enhance, adapt and enrich your current digital ecosystem, allowing you harvest the digital market like a pro. We are the extra hand you need to identify opportunities, promote innovation, achieve results and drive your business transformation.


We understands our client’s needs and develop the digital strategies that suit your business.

We understand the need for creation and create bespoke solutions for our clients. Our customized and scalable strategies are one of the reasons that make our agency out of the crowd. We develop wire frames and allow you to use simulation software to experience visual design which will eventually let an optimized user experience. Our smooth navigation and attractive aesthetics make most of our client happy!


The Perfect Process for Your Project Objectives

01. Understanding your business requirements.

At this stage, our team of specialists gathers all details regarding your business to get the desired outcomes. Knowing your business objectives and your target audience are crucial because they help us to come up with creative ideas, or redesigned motivated thoughts, for effective and desired results.

Furthermore, the details collected acts as the foundation of design and development of a startup or already established business.

02. Analyzing best approach

After gathering all vital details regarding your business, we sit down with your team, and clarifying all suitable details with the objectives of your business, hence deciding the best approach to achieve the best results. This is the second phase of our development process. We come up with innovative ideas, and combine them with those of your team. We then select the best for unique results.

03. Forming innovative ideas

At this stage, we create combined innovative ideas to implement based on the approaches we have determined on stage 2.  Creation of innovative ideas involves all experts that will be involved in the process, as well as your team. However, we are flexible, and ready to modify any idea.

Here, we have already started designing your startup, or redesigning your established business. Thus, professional designers are at task, with the help of other professionals from both teams.

04. Illustrating Thoughts

Once we are done with forming innovative ideas, our team of professionals goes ahead to illustrate the ideas at every stage in form of a diagram. At this point, designers have already created an illustration/ model that shows every step.

Thus, it is time to bring to sit down with the team from both sides, and clearly explain every stage of the process to the owner. However, your business is already established, this is the stage where our professionals illustrate their re-designed ideas in form of a model, and why they decided to redesign initial ideas.

05.  Assessment of ideas 

In collaboration with your team, we assess the ideas illustrated and make the necessary changes as suggested, until you approve. Our team of professionals is flexible and adaptable. Therefore, we always give chances to project owners, whether it is a startup or an already established business to assess ideas. Our team and your team sit down and asses the innovative ideas that were illustrated in step 4. This is the last step before implementation. Hence, you are given time to ask for modifications after illustration of ideas. You will be offered advice as to why changes were made, and why no need to change some ideas.

06. Execution

At this point, you have approved all ideas that have been illustrated. Now, its to time to execute the ideas and make them a reality.  Besides, our professionals go ahead and monitor the performance of your business, to ensure the progress as expected. In case something is not working as expected, our team of professionals will rectify and ensure its working as initially thought.

Our focus at this stage is the performance of a startup or already established business, in line with the desired results. Execution of ideas involves all stakeholders in our team, and within a short time. However, monitoring takes a long duration, to ensure perfect performance before we handle everything to your team.

07. Guaranteed Success

This is the final stage, where you are guaranteed of success or desired outcomes.  Our specialists assure your success because they monitor the progress and make vital improvements, to ensure you beat your competitors. Our professionals apply innovative ideas in every stage of the process and work diligently to achieve the set target in every stage.

Hence, by the time we are through with designing and development of your startup or already established project, desired results have been achieved in every step. We guarantee desired outcomes because we make it happen in every stage of the process.

Things we can do for you

Connecting customers to your brand.

With our quick brainstorming sessions, we add creativity to every aspect of our work. In this digital world, we are creative, unique and innovative driven with clear business objectives. Our focus is that our clients achieve full potential in the online world with our marketing strategies based on deep analytics. Keeping market conditions, business structure and geographies in mind, we make sure that we deliver the best for your brand with our campaign development strategies. We start planning on functionality, specifics of the system and chances of brand recognition.


Our responsive web design helps your brand maintain its integrity on various social and multi-channel platforms, and you will experience the transformative and aesthetic way of your website with our social campaigns. Our perfect team of web enthusiasts will do creative development of Brochures, Business Cards, Logos and Packages for your Business.


We capture the real audience with our custom-made, captivating and eye-catching design that brings the best of visual appeal and functionality. We have expertise in Custom UI/UX design and ensure that our customers will experience the best visual appeal.

Content Creation

The text of your website is the voice of your brand so our creative team of content strategists provide you optimized content for your website and keep your website updated with regular blogs so that you will stay ahead of the competition.

Campaign Management

We provide the best lead generation services to drive target leads. Our multi-channel marketing & social campaigns for our clients help them to attain a market position in the world of technology.

Creative Development

Our passionate team will take the initiative to creatively develop web designs in a timely manner. Our passion is developing your ideas as attractive as possible and with our creative design procedure, we modify any step until you are satisfied.

Video Production

We create the style in empowering your brand and provide professional video services to reach your marketing goals. We have an expert team that is ready to make your business aesthetically pleasing and entirely engaging.

Integration of digital services to drive Business goals.

We develop with positive affirmations and furnish scalable E-commerce Solutions. In a crowded place, like the internet, our dedicated team will make the use of the best digital strategy and provide you with custom CMS along with full stack development and API Integration. We specialize in developing e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, customizing your web applications along with native iOS & Android development based on your business needs. From simple updates to complex changes, our development team will ready to work closely with you. We integrate your business with developed methodologies.


CMS based websites that are creatively designed to increase the business flow.


Offering custom Magento ecommerce solutions.


We help you reaching more customers with better ecommerce store built with Shopify platform

Platform & API

We focus on developing platforms and API’s with the integration of highly sensitive data.

Native iOS & Android

Custom build iOS & Android applications that natively integrate on different platforms.

Market your presence over different platforms

Now, it’s time to launch your product in the market. If you want to connect your business to the outside world, then you need to search a digital agency that knows to navigate the connected world. Let’s finish your search here! We have a series of tailor-made strategies through which we can create web analytics, do content marketing as well as create social platform analytics and campaigns that will promote your brands on different social platforms.


We make the use of Pay-Per-Click and Affiliate Marketing Programs that will increase your targeted website traffic. With effective word optimization, we will fast-track the campaigns to success!


Experience the comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Strategy to maximize your website traffic. Our skilled team members focus on implementing various SEO tactics that will improve the ranking of your site.


Automate and personalize your emails, website and mobile apps with our full-featured and affordable marketing tools. We create the workflow templates with the tools like Hubspot which when used can transform your business to a higher level.

Social Media Marketing

We take pride in creating your brand and delivering compelling social media marketing solutions. We provide a powerful way to reach your prospects through social platforms and bring remarkable success to your business.

Eliminate the fixed cost with our Cloud based E commerce fulfillment platform

We let enterprises to grow without hassle with a single click to ensure shipping and fulfillments are free from stress and nuisance. Awanadu works as your strategic logistics partner and combines with your sales medium thus, giving you space to concentrate on your profitable growth.

Awanadu has friendly and supportive customer supports team, who offer timely and detailed support, when providing services to our clients. Our customer support is available 24/7. You can email, call or chat live with us.
From sourcing or manufacturing a product to easily managing your inventory directly in our software, we work step by step to make the delay free shipment. We deliver reliable shipping and fulfillment services including shipping warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, knitting and do whatever that hamper your business growth!

Our services include:

Multi-Channel eCommerce Fulfillment
  • SMBs.
  • shipping solutions.
  • warehouse management.
  • advanced inventory.
Retail Fulfillment
  • Retail Fulfillment strategy.
  • Customize labeling and packaging.
  • 3rd Party shipping accounts.
  • Multi-retailer support.
Subscription Boxes
  • API Integration.
  • surplus inventory management.
  • custom packaging procedures.
  • Cost-effective shipping.
Crowd Funding and Sales
  • Crowd Funding Campaigns.
  • Knitting and assembling.
  • Picking and packing.
  • Celery Pre-Orders.
FBA Prep Services
  • FBA Fulfillment.
  • Boxed units.
  • Fragile product preparation.
  • Photo documentation.
Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Multiple sales channel.
  • Pre-built integration.
  • SLA Maintenance.
  • one to one consultation.


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+1 (954) 805 6087




    Stadtgabe 6, Straubing
    94315, Germany


    Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
    Saturday-Sunday: Closed


    +1 (954) 805 6087